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Current Courses

  • Antennas and Propagation II: COME 473 (3 credits) (New Program)
  • Acoustics: COME 470 (3 credits) (New Program)
  • Digital Signal Processing: COME 384 (3 credits) (New Program)
  • Acoustics: COME 474 (2 credits) (Old Program)
  • Acoustics: COME 474 (Tripoli) (2 credits) (Old Program)

Note: to access these pages, the required passwords will be given in class.

Video Lectures

Due to the latest situation in Lebanon, the Lebanese revolution, followed by coronavirus closure, most of the lectures have been recorded at home,
and some have been recorded in class for those who couldn’t attend due to roads closure in the latest weeks of the Lebanese revolution. These lectures are found in the course pages shared above. An example of the recorded lectures is seen below.


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