A Review on the Design and Optimization of Antennas Using Machine Learning Algorithms and Techniques

After the great #success of our conference paper on the design of antennas using machine learning, with more than 3,150 reads in less than a year, and a research interest score of higher than 96% of all items on ResearchGate, 99% of items published in 2019, and higher than 97% of items in Telecom. Engineering,

We are #proud to share our extended paper, accepted, and to be published in the International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering, by #Wiley.

The extended paper presents a focused and comprehensive literature survey on the use of machine learning in antenna design and optimization. Various investigated antennas are sorted based on antenna type and configuration to assist the readers who wish to work with a specific type of antennas using machine learning.

The early access version of this article can now be viewed on ResearchGate using the following link:


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