Tip 5: Start Early!

Tip #5: #Start Early! I agree, this is not an easy task for everyone, but once you get used to it, you wouldn't miss a day without getting up early in the morning to start with your #plans. To me, the 1 - 2 hours before and after sunrise, are the best timing to do... Continue Reading →

Tip 4: Choose When to Check Emails

Tip #4: Choose When to Check #Emails Many of us receive a large number of emails daily. Those working in #projectmanagement positions might even receive 10s-100s of emails. If you keep on checking any email notification and read any received email on the spot, this will highly reduce your #productivity and you wont be able... Continue Reading →

Tip 3: Control Your Phones!

Tip 3: #Control Your #Phones! Many of us say: "I will just keep my phone next to me, but I won't touch it". Minutes later, we are either checking a #notification we've received, or "feel" that we need a break so we start checking our social media, even if we don't have any notification! And... Continue Reading →

Tip 2: Time-Boxing

Tip #2: Time-Boxing This tip will highly improve your productivity! Remember the "to do list" we talked about yesterday? Well, without this very simple tip you will find it hard to fit your tasks into your schedule, or even finish your tasks on time! It is simple: Assign a fixed period of time to the... Continue Reading →

Top Downloaded Article on Wiley

Our paper has been chosen as one of the most downloaded article on Wiley during its first 12 months publication in the International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-aided Engineering.First published: 27 July 2020Citations on Google Scholar: 25 A review on the design and optimization of antennas using machine learning algorithms and techniquesDownload

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